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Hali and Dexter's Pet Place

Life as a Princess can be so exhausting!

Max, the newest addition

Indigo and Dexter

The "Indigo Plant"

Princess Hali

Welcome to Hali and Dexter's Pet Place!
This site is dedicated to my four legged furbabies! 
First there is Hali, a seven year old female Dalmatian.
My Mommy and Daddy got me from a backyard breeder because back then they did not know as much as they do now about all the homeless Dalmatians in shelters looking for homes. I am kinda glad though because if they would have known that when they got me, they may never have gotten me, and I love my Mommy and Daddy!  They treat me like the Princess that I am!
Also if it werent for me, my Mommy wouldnt be the Dalmatian nut that she is! She loves Dalmatians (but I know she loves me the most).
Mommy calls me a "Princess" but I dont understand why. Just because I dont like getting dirty, or going out potty in the rain, and I get to pick my spot on the bed first even before Mommy and Daddy, and I DEMAND to be treated like royalty does not make me a Princess. Do ya think?
Then there is Dexter. Dexter is a three year old male Dalmatian. He had a pretty hard life before he came to our home but is doing wonderful now. It took a little while for Mommy and Daddy to realize that Dexter is deaf!
Dexter is really happy that someone finally realized he is deaf and doesnt just think he isn't listening. He is pretty smart too (but dont tell Dexter I said that!) He has already learned a few hand signals and knows where you sit in the kitchen for treats!
He gets all excited when Mommy and Daddy start talking to him in "his" sign language or smile at him and make those funny baby talk faces. I think he is just so happy someone can finally communicate with him.
See Dexter's success story
Also while reading Dexter's story check out the website, you might just find your special spotted furbaby. This is one of Mommy's friends and she rescues spotted hounds like Dexter and I. Mommy says she does a wonderful job helping out my kind and she has placed alot of us in wonderful homes.  Mommy calls her a "Dalmatian Angel." 
Mommy says that any homeless Dalmatian that comes in her path is blessed because they will be well taken care of.
Then there is Kowboy and yes I know how to spell but Mommy and Daddy thought it would be "kewl" to spell it with a "K" instead of a "C".  I personally think it's silly but...if that makes them happy....then let them be!
I just dont get those "human kinds" sometimes.
Kowboy is a two year old male domestic short haired cat. Mommy calls him "fatboy" because he is really fat! When he runs his belly jiggles back and forth. Sometimes I like to chase him just to see his belly jiggle, but I always get in trouble by Mommy or Daddy.
Dexter and I arent suppossed to chase the cats..... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah whatever....hail to the Princess!
Kowboy was adopted by Mommy and Daddy after being abandoned with his other litter mates at a construction site.  He is definitely fat and happy now!
Then there is Indigo (Mommy's favorite kitty, but dont tell the others, its their secret) He is solid black and nine months old. He is unique in not only that he is Mommy's favorite but he has extra toes!! Because of his extra toes he has some fancy wancy name of a "Hemingway Cat." Call it what you want but he will never be a "Princess!"
Indigo was adopted from a local pet rescue that Mommy started helping out with as much as she can because she thinks what they do is wonderful. They place so many homeless dogs and cats in wonderful homes.
Visit their website at
You never know you might just find that special four legged fur baby for yourself!
Then last but of course not least is Max. Max is a three month old male domestic long haired cat. He followed Daddy into the garage just a few weeks ago and well you know the rest of the story. Mommy and Daddy are such suckers for a cute face. Max is pretty sneaky and misbehaved. He is always getting in trouble for something. Sometimes I like to help Mommy and if Max is doing something wrong and she tells him "NO" I will chase him. I get in trouble, but hey I am only trying to set some rules in this house!
So please "paws" a moment and browse around our website. The camera loves us so you will see lots of pictures of me and my siblings.


"Animals are capable of great kindness and compassion; they rescue, comfort, and care for us. They are one of life's greatest blessings."
-Kristen Von Kresiler


"Do I look as silly as you do?"

Spoiled Rotten!

Hope you find a place in your heart and home for a shelter pet.